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Slide ABOUT A NEW ERA OF CLAN BATTLES Welcome to Age Of Empires Federation Of Clans!
We, as Clan Leaders, believe that the heart of the community is the average player and the challenges he receives through clans and tournaments.
Through clans, a player can not only find teammates for casual games, but he can also improve his gameplay by learning new tips and tricks.
The Federation offers a motivation for players to engage with clans and a motivation for clans to be active and participate in clan events and tournaments and, eventually, a motivation to create clan based tournaments for average players, as this will help average players improve their gameplay.
Imagine a calendar full of events like FIFA calendar but for Age Of Empires Games! Tournaments targeted for players with different ELO eg. 1300-1400, 1500-1600, 1700-1800, 1900-2000.
Clans will send their best players in tournaments, compete with each other, have fun and create hype for the game and the community itself!
We will try to stream as many games as possible, especially as the events come to their pick time!
Any donations will mostly go back to players and clans as prizes and motivation and to the federation in order to improve its services!
We are gamers and most of us play this game for over 20 years. This game has created lots of real friendships and many great real life events!
We really want this project to be a success, and we will do it!
Step by Step!
Gl, hf, gg to everybody!

The community of AOE is really big, those who lived the Zone era would remember. Through time many people have helped the game develop and survive through time. Good players like the Pros ( Viper, Jordan, Daut, Tatoh, Yo, Chris and many others...) have kept developing the game and bringing it into the esport era of today, with new events and activities that prove their devotion and love to the game and to the community.

We today step on their shoulders, and in an effort to make the fun even better and increase the players’ base, we establish a Global Federation of Clans that its Main purpose is to provide consistent and “Official” Tournaments for Players of around (but not limiting) 1300-2100 ELO, strictly through their Clan membership. These are for clans whose players struggle today to sign-up for global events and would like to compete with their elo-counterparts around the word for Honor, Fame and Prizes!

The Secondary purpose of the Federation is the further development of its Member-Clans. By the synergies created between the clans, players will increase their skill easier, casters will get better viewing, experts but non-pro players (2k++) will have the chance to train with their counterparts easier and lower ELO player would also get a solid training path.
The “Global Federation of Clans” works in a vertical way. The clans are its base. Players join to the clan of their preference, get trained in a certified way that we will develop together, and when ready, they can compete from their early stages to ELO-Segmented tournaments that will run all year around.

Thus, the player’s calendar will thus be full will intra-clan and global events, organized in a consistent way and in a fulfilling atmosphere, regulated by all of us! By the Federation.
Get ready for the most
Epic Battles
By players for players.

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