Almost a year ago we start working in the Age Of Empires Global Federation Of Clans Idea. One year later more than 60 clans register in our discord server and many tournaments took place. Now we are ready for the next step. All new and old clans will register in Federation via the team system here Also all users will have their game profile here The Federation tournaments will take place right here in the Federation site and players and clans will have statistics and many more goodies! But not only this! Each Federation Clan can host via AoECF tournament System their tournaments! And Generally AoECF will support all the events happened from the Registered Clans or their members! Please tell us your opinion here or in our discord server. Don’t forget to register your Clan here We need your support, your participation and your thoughts regarding AoECF. Feel free to contact us here or in our discord server. In next article we want to hear your opinions about the new tournaments you want AoECF to host.  

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